Check out MEG: a gadget that can monitor and control all the key parameters for plant growth

MEG is not just a product, it is a shared knowledge project. Thanks to the Arduino control system, MEG can monitor and control all the key parameters for plant growth and to share the experience through a online platform.

MEG can control all the key parameters for growing plants – such as light-cycles, ventilation, temperature, irrigation and soil PH. One of MEG’s core values is the custom-designed spectrum-tunable LED lighting engine.

MEG is a self-innovation project combining engineering, photometric performance, electrical, industrial and lighting design, growing and open knowledge.

MEG was conceived by the passion and initiative of D’Alesio&Santoro, specialized in lighting design, and Design Group Italia.

Since MEG’s architecture and platform is open-source, a worldwide community can also contribute to improve MEG’s hardware and software, thus providing the driving-force behind its knowledge acquisition and the refinement of the platform.

MEG has won the contest at Wired Hack the Expo: from May to October 2015 5 MEGs will be placed in five metro stations in Milan, to demonstrate the potential of open-source systems and the free exchange of information may have on the artificial cultivation techniques.

To raise the funds necessary for the development, D’Alesio&Santoro has launched a crowdfunding campaign, on Eppela platform.


The independent lighting design firm. based in Milan, develops around the collaboration and friendship of the two co-founders Carlo D’Alesio and Piero Santoro. Born in 1982, they achieved a bachelor degree in industrial design and the professional master in lighting design and technologies at Milan Politecnico in 2006. 

Carlo D’Alesio was a lighting designer and project manager for Metis Lighting studio in Milan. Piero Santoro was italian technical administrator for lighting products for 3M Italy LMS (Lighting Management Solutions). They both came from the so-called latest generation of lighting professionals, raised together with the solid state lighting technological revolution.

Massimo Di Filippo joined D’Alesio&Santoro as senior design engineer, providing also coordination among the firm’s network of consultants, artisans and suppliers.

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