Gallery House, Toronto

dkstudio Architects Inc., Toronto

Photography by Michael Muraz

This unapologetically modern two-floor residence with matching two-level basement is designed for a couple with a passion for contemporary art. Amidst the solid volume of limestone, a warm palette of cedar frames the dining and living room suite above the ground, like a wall-hung painting. Sculptural Amisol lighting discs of aluminum and acrylic sail high above the double-height entry. The open-concept ground floor is organized around a sculpted oak timber staircase flooded with natural light, playing on a three-storey latticework oak screen framing the stair outfitted with display niches to showcase the owner’s pottery. Two east-west breezeways straddle the central stair, bookended by full-height glass walls that define the corridors and flood the interiors with sunlight. Open white perimeter walls boast an international art collection compiled over several decades. Multifunctional interior partitions complete with Indiana-clad fireplaces and bronze display niches act as spatial separations while providing moments for intimate and/or social gatherings.